Felicitous Polytheistic Celebration Day!

Saturnalia, Yule, Christmas, all equally valid events at some point in history. The short is, I hope today has been slightly better than average for the vast majority of you out there.

Much has happened since my last post, I finally got round to finishing the AfrikaBurn posts I finally finished my degree!


Seriously though I am quite happy with the achievement, using some dubious sources and rough estimation I am now 1 of 100 000 qualified in my field of study, neat. As for the future I am lucky enough to continue studying until I die from old age, or get a Ph.D, whichever comes first.

Some ideas which I have in the pipeline to post are:

  • Finishing the AfrikaBurn posts
  • How to setup your own email server (this was a fun exercise someone suggested to me)
  • Astrophotography, can one even
  • Musings on the calculation of electric field plots and potentials
  • How I decided to build a bed in a fit of boredom
  • How Dubai is an unsalvageable shithole

As a teaser to the last point, I am currently in Dubai. My disdain is boundless. I’m only keeping off of writing a missive now as I am already in a bad enough mood and I suspect the post will be nought but incomprehensible frothing.

Otherwise I am somewhat limited by having most of the nice photos I’ve been meaning to post sitting on my desktop. In South Africa. 7600 odd kilometers away. Oh well, soon.

I leave you with this photo of the Horsehead nebula which I took earlier this year at a most delightful little guestfarm in the Tankwa Karoo.

I won’t be back until 2016, cheerio!