Witty Title for 2020: No. 1*

It has been 793 days since my last blog post and quite a bit has happened since then. You may consider this a bit of a summary of past blog posts I was too lazy to write too busy to get around to (spoilers: I don’t) and likely hopelessly optimistic plan for the year ahead in terms of posts.

No more shall I feel the dejected anxiety of “Why write this when literally everyone else has written about this? ” but rather I will just write about it. I hear white males are supposed to give their bad takes all the time. Luckily I think they are all on Medium.

Ideally, I want to start really exploiting the log in blog. I think I do quite a number of interesting projects in my spare time, and if I think of the rate at which the web seems to be consuming itself it might be a good idea to have a central repository under my control where I keep all the reference material I squirrel away in my… *checks number* 773 bookmarks, of which more than 50% are probably dead links by now. Might be fun to throw a quick python script together to check that…

While talking about the blog itself, I also want to explore some alternative hosting options. While I have no real problem with Wordpress Premium, it is a bit silly to pay for something when I have multiple dedicated servers around the place to self host it on. I also want something static and relatively sparse on the fancy html, it would be nice to access it from something running Windows 3.11. Something with footnotes too? I feel that is a text formatting thing I can abuse with a lot of reckless abandon.

The last time I looked into static blog systems Jekyll was hot and fresh, but I hear Hugo is hotter and fresher now, so the next post here is likely to be my adventures in setting that up and trying it out. On FreeBSD, because. Now that that disjointed mess is out of the way, here is another one about interesting things that have come and gone since 2017, in no particular order:

  • I did mention I got married, I still am, it’s pretty great
  • 2018
  • I ran a webhosting service, learned a lot, but I know too much about infosec and honestly nobody needs that kind of stress in their life for a side-hustle
  • I started a PhD
  • 2017
  • I stopped a PhD, zero regrets, I learned a lot about myself
  • I bought a house
  • I started working full time
  • I have a job which is far more fulfilling than I could ever have imagined a job could be
  • Went full *nix on all my machines
  • I bought and restored a lot of old computers. Like, too many, please help
  • Mildly amazed I now have an Internet connection almost an order of magnitude faster than my first home network. High school me would not have believed this to be possible. Yet I sometimes use it via dial-up, ironic
  • Dialed it back a bit on the *nix because honestly they can learn a thing or two from Microsoft on backwards compatibility. Don’t @ me, CLI still rules
  • 2019
  • Old me, the advantage of posting incredibly sparsely on the blog is that I can view, at a glance, a microcosm of who I was at the time and starkly realise how much I still change over time
  • Fuckin’ loads of shit I can’t remember because I’m too stupid to write it down despite knowing I have poor long term memory about personal events

Now this post is already surprisingly long and I do hear great things about this thing called Sleep™. So let me TL;DR myself right here. I want to write at least one post a week on here. 52 posts, I’m sure I can achieve that.

To completely contradict what I’ve said earlier the next post will probably be a summary of all the things I’ve promised to write about in the past. All the way back to 2015… time flies amiright.

Anyway, we seem to be cursed to live in interesting times along with some sort of dilatory time effect to extend the ongoing horror of late stage capitalism the Maximum Fun Period. Here’s to The Roaring ’20s 2.0: Millennial Boogaloo. Be kind out there.